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Thanks Brian Hua for pushing me to make this blog. Work hard Brian...

This little mountain (about 10.000 Ha, 25.000 acres) call Sierra de Carrascoy, is where I grew up. How can you place the mountain in the world, HERE. My father used to work in a big farm on this mountain, so I had the chance to explore what was going on in these hillsides.

Aquí una preciosa vista de la umbría de la Sierra de Carrascoy, termino municipal de Alhama de Murcia. Como localizarla en el mundo? AQUI La foto esta realizada desde el Rio Guadalentin con la cámara de Carmen Lopez (la chica con la que comparto casa y crios); Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.

Este blog lo actualizo según la vida (trabajo, familia, etc...) me va dejando tiempo, por tanto irregularmente.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


1990 summer picking up almonds -- 50.000 pts (300 euros) -- and a travel to the Murcia downtown,
 to buy a camera in the Corte Ingles and a lens and flash in Climent: From Japan the Minolta X-300s, 50 mm MD 1:1.7 and Sigma 55-200 1:4-5.6, and from Germany the Mecablitz 30 BCT 4. Why all these stuff?

To made possible show to my family that there were golden eagles on the top of the montain. Here is the answer to why I start taking photos. From the beautiful mediterranean mountains this beautiful bird. Thank Japaneses


  1. This is an amazing post. Your words and English are beautiful.

    1. I miss you a lot, Brian. I was lucky, better say, I am lucky. Thanks!!!

  2. Its a really nice view of the golden eagle!