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Thanks Brian Hua for pushing me to make this blog. Work hard Brian...

This little mountain (about 10.000 Ha, 25.000 acres) call Sierra de Carrascoy, is where I grew up. How can you place the mountain in the world, HERE. My father used to work in a big farm on this mountain, so I had the chance to explore what was going on in these hillsides.

Este blog lo actualizo según la vida (trabajo, familia, etc...) me va dejando tiempo, por tanto irregularmente.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


(Broken English) This picture represent the beauty that I will never understand and belong to an ancient stage of my life "Reveries of a Solitary Walker".  

(Spanish) En algunas ocasiones, la belleza de lo que observo y mi incapacidad para entenderlo, producen un efecto mágico. Esa magia que hace que te enamores.

Rock formations inside a mine at Sierra de Carrascoy - Interior de una galería en la Sierra de Carrascoy. 2011.

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